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In addition to compassionately serving families during their time of need, the professionals behind the Dignity Memorial® network demonstrate an ongoing commitment to our communities.  We proudly sponsor a number of free outreach programs designed to keep families safe, honor those who serve and comfort those who grieve.

Dignity Memorial Escape School

Each year, more than 58,000 children are abducted by strangers. As funeral care providers, we truly understand the tragedy and pain associated with the loss of a child. Our goal is to show every family how to be smart, not scared. To arm children and their parents with abduction-prevention tips and tactics, we offer a nationally recognized safety program known as Dignity Memorial Escape School.

Delivered free of charge by trained Dignity Memorial employees, presentations are often requested by community organizations, church groups, scouts and schools. Offered in an entertaining and non-threatening manner, the program teaches children how to differentiate between good and bad strangers, the common lures abductors use, how to "get away, right away" and how to find help when needed. In addition to teaching key concepts, presenters enlist the aid of children from the audience to demonstrate several simple yet highly effective techniques for escaping dangerous situations.

Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the most-visited National Park Service site in Washington, D.C. Even so, millions of Americans will never see or experience the impact of "The Wall" in their lives.  To allow more people this opportunity, Dignity Memorial  network providers created a three-quarter-scale traveling replica of the memorial in 1990.

Known as the Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall, this faux-granite replica is dedicated to all Americans who served in Vietnam and honors all servicemen and women of the United States military forces.  Each year the replica crisscrosses the country, allowing millions of visitors to see and touch its black, mirror-like surface inscribed with the names of more than 58,000 Americans who died or are missing in Vietnam.  Every exhibition is sponsored by a local Dignity Memorial provider, with the help and support of area veterans groups and civic organizations. 


Dignity Memorial® L.I.F.T.® (Living Information for Today® ) is a social support program that helps widows and widowers adjust to the loss of a spouse. Through this program, Dignity Memorial funeral, cremation and cemetery providers hope to reinforce a sense of wholeness and purpose in those who may be feeling lost.

Often, a widowed person feels isolated, usually believing no one really understands how they feel. Because of this, they are commonly reluctant to get involved with new people or unfamiliar organizations. The L.I.F.T. program gives them the opportunity to be surrounded by people who may share similar feelings and experiences. 

This program is both entertaining and educational with guest speakers on a variety of interesting topics. And attendees can feel comfortable knowing that L.I.F.T. speakers do not sell anything. Best of all, there are no fees or dues to participate. L.I.F.T. members are only responsible for meals or expenses.

Dignity Memorial Homeless Veterans Burial Program

Every night, nearly 200,000 homeless veterans sleep on the streets. “A disgrace,” says former Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Jesse Brown, “that we have men and women who served in American uniform who are out on the streets with no place to go and few prospects for a better life.”

Dignity Memorial funeral, cremation and cemetery providers are honored to administer the Homeless Veterans Burial Program. In partnership with numerous veterans organizations, Dignity Memorial providers help to ensure that eligible veterans receive the honors in death that their service in life merited.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides eligible veterans with opening and closing of the gravesite, a grave liner, a headstone or marker, a graveside ceremony and burial in a National Cemetery. Participating Dignity Memorial funeral directors provide transportation, preparation, clothing and casket.

Dignity Memorial Smart & Safe Living

Each year, many seniors fall prey to the elements of their environment, including crime, injury and illness. To help keep older adults safe and out of harm’s way, Dignity Memorial network providers created a unique and long-term safety program known as Dignity Memorial Smart & Safe Living. The program empowers older adults by discussing how simple strategies and techniques can be used to increase personal safety. 

Since the program’s creation in 1996, thousands of seniors throughout the U.S. and Canada have attended free presentations on topics including Home Invasion, Cons and Scams, Fire and Burn Safety, and Heat Safety. New presentations are continually added as trends in society evolve.

Dignity Memorial Public Servants Program

Recognizing the courage and selflessness of those who serve the public, Dignity Memorial network providers created the Public Servants Program for emergency service personnel.  This program offers dignified and honorable tributes, at no cost, for career and volunteer law enforcement officers and firefighters who fall in the line of duty.

For more than ten years, the program has helped families deal with the emotional and financial burden associated with the sudden loss of a loved one.  In addition to providing burial services, the program offers extended counseling services to family members who experience this unsettling change in their lives, as well as the opportunity to create an Internet tribute to memorialize their fallen hero. 

Grief Management

Picking Up The Pieces® is a series of free brochures, videotapes and booklets offering helpful advice to families coping with the loss of a loved one. Each individual must deal with grief in his or her own way.  Picking Up the Pieces materials offer helpful advice and insights to anyone trying to cope with the complex emotions accompanying such a loss.

Picking Up The Pieces is offered by Dignity Memorial® network providers throughout North America. If you are interested in obtaining any of the brochures, books and videos or would like access to our lending library, please contact us.

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