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Benefits Of Planning In Advance

Funeral Home Planning
There are many benefits to pre-arranging your family’s funeral services. When you express your wishes and make arrangements in advance, funeral services become a tremendous source of comfort and encouragement to loved ones.

Earthman Funeral Directors has been helping Houston-area families pre-arrange their funeral and burial services for more than 60 years. In fact, we pioneered the concept in 1939; and today, pre-planning funeral and burial services is a part of everyone’s estate planning.

The Benefits of Planning in Advance

  • Peace of mind
  • Decisions made together
  • Opportunity to personalize
  • Freeze Price
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • In-Home Planning

There Are 87 "Things" That Must Be Done By A Surviving Family Member Or Friend

Click here to view a short presentation on the benefits of planning your funeral services in advance. You will need the free Quicktime application.
There are many decisions that must be made by a survivor after a death in a very short time. By making many of these important decisions now, you can minimize the emotional strain that will be placed on your survivors.
Earthman Fuenral Homes
There are 14 vital statistic questions that must be answered to obtain a burial permit. Sometimes this information takes time to research. This information can be collect in advance.

There are 15 products and services that will require payment. The funeral and cemetery portion of these payments can be paid in advance with many payment options available.

There are 13 documents required for production that are needed to establish rights for insurance, pensions, social security, ownership, relationship, etc. This information can be collected in advance.

There are 33 decisions that must be made and arranged within a few hours. The funeral and cemetery service decisions can be planned in advance.

There are 12 notifications that could be required as soon as possible. These notifications cannot be completed in advance, but advanced planning of the other survivor requirements and planning for these notifications will lessen the strain.

To obtain a free planning guide to assist in this process click here.

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